AHA Policy Analysis For the 5.5 million homeowners and businesses in over 21,000 communities throughout America protected by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)1, the topic of affordable flood coverage sponsored by the US government is something they probably know a good deal about. For the rest of the America’s homeowners and the taxpayer at […]

AHA Policy Position The idea of American cities hit hardest by the housing crisis using eminent domain as a way to help refinance underwater homeowners is a bad one. Certainly responsible homeowners with properties valued at amounts lower than the mortgage attached to them deserve a helping hand. The use of eminent domain would do […]

AHA Policy Position Currently in its 35th year, California’s Proposition 13 has protected homeowners in the Golden State by limiting residential property taxes to reasonably affordable levels. Proposition 13 has faced intense scrutiny since its inception, surviving legislative and legal challenges alike. Although the law continues to enjoy high levels of popularity among California voters […]

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