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What’s at stake?

The policies of the recent past and those proposed for the immediate future are hurting the value of people’s homes and making it difficult for first time homebuyers to enter the market and get ahead.

Policymakers are eating away at our nest eggs: $7 TRILLION of home value has been lost since the start of the housing crisis in 2007!

That’s OUR MONEY WIPED AWAY as we have watched equity in homes spiral downward. People consider their home to be a big – in most cases – their biggest investment

The 75 million Homeowners of America have the ability to be THE most powerful voice on housing and homeownership related issues in America. Together we will shape a new debate by championing the advancement of policies that allow for stabilizing home prices, supporting the ability of current homeowners to stay in their homes and encouraging future homeowners to work toward sustainable homeownership.

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