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A Victory for YOU! . . . and an update on the National Flood Insurance Program

Wednesday, August 1, 2018  
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August 1, 2018

A Victory for YOU!

. . . and an update on the National Flood Insurance Program

When we started the AHA a few years ago, our primary mission was to ensure that Housing Policy in America didn’t cause another economic crisis but instead, provided a fair market for people wanting to buy a home – sell a home – or retire in a home.  It hasn’t been easy, because for decades, there wasn’t anybody exclusively looking after your interests as a Homeowner or an aspiring Homeowner.  But so far, we’ve harvested some Victories for you, such as: sustaining the long term fixed rate mortgage programs; sustaining the low downpayment mortgage instruments; staved off countless attacks to raise the cost of a mortgage loan through proposed increased fees at Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac; saved a good chunk of the mortgage interest deduction (while at the same time – working vigorously for your individual income tax relief); and along the way, do our best to encourage policies that provided the supply of homes to match the growing demand.  You’ve probably noticed that since we’ve been working on your behalf, property values have increased in most parts of America.

While we’re proud of the work we’ve done on Housing Policy, one of our most notable achievements has come on the other side of our office – in the Member Benefits and Rewards.

You may remember that we set about the task years ago of providing you a “world class” on-line shopping program to help you save money on nearly any product you needed to buy.  And that was the mission – to help you save money on products you NEEDED to buy.  Not “want” – but “need”.  Our objective was to build a sustainable program where you could save money on these necessities. In doing so, the savings you generated could help you make a car payment, a utility payment, a mortgage payment, or save money for college for your kids.

And here we are – once again – in “Back to School” season where every family with school-aged children is poised to make material outlays to send their kids back to school as ready and “polished” as they can be.  It’s expensive.  We know. But that’s why after searching for a partner to deliver you real value, a few years back we engaged with our provider – Ebates – to build you a program that was unique, meaningful, sustainable, and valuable.

Remember, you can earn Cash Back and Discounts on nearly any product you may need for you or your student. This includes school supplies, uniforms, clothing, athletic shoes, computer equipment, etc.  Check out the latest offers at AHA Member Rewards.  (And, of course, if you need supplies for your home or home office, these Discounts and Cash Back Rewards will also apply.)  And don’t overlook savings on other everyday needs like diapers or health and beauty supplies, hotels -- and Amazon as well.

This program is a VICTORY for you. But you have to use it to recognize the value we’re bringing to you every day.

We’ll keep working in Washington to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for allsegments of America.  But each day, we want to know that you’re earning benefit from AHAthrough our Member Rewards/Ebates program.

Thank you for your Membership. We’re growing – not only because of the Advocacy we’re providing in Washington on your behalf, but because Members are saving money each day through this terrific AHA Member Rewards Program.

Savor the Victories – you earned them!

National Flood Insurance Program Extended

On July 31st the United States Senate passed a four month extension to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the President signed it into law before it expired at midnight. (The US House of Representatives had previously passed this extension.)  This extension will avoid any interruption of claims payments during hurricane season – and avoid any disruption to sales or purchases of homes located in flood zones.  The NFIP is again set to expire on November 30, 2018 and brings, again, the opportunity for reform of the program to make it sustainable for homeowners of today and tomorrow.

Handy Monthly Home Maintenance Checklists

Keeping a monthly home maintenance checklist – and following through with it – is a great way to avoid big repair and replacement bills down the road.  Here are some basic checklists to help you to get started on a schedule or make sure you’re on track with your current one. 

  •  Anderberg, Jeremy. “Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape:  An Incredibly Handy Home Maintenance Checklist”.  Checklist here.
  • HomeAdvisor.  “Checklist:  Monthly Home Maintenance”.  Checklist here
  • Family Handyman.  “Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist”.  Checklist here


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