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Your Vote Is Needed: This Upcoming Election and Future Elections!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018  
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    October 30, 2018

    Your Vote Is Needed: This Upcoming Election and Future Elections!

    As next week’s mid-term elections draw ever-closer, most of us feel pretty saturated with campaign ads and competing rhetoric.  From local to statewide elections, as well as contests for U.S. Congressional seats, there are many important issues at stake.  We urge you to participate – to have your voice heard – TO VOTE!

    Recent headlines are finally bringing some attention to the housing crisis Your AHA has been describing for the last couple of years.  You may have seen articles about declining sales of existing homes (39 consecutive months) and the challenges that homebuilders are facing (an average cost of $84,000 to comply with regulations – before the shovel ever hits the ground).  Add to these issues rising interest rates, continuing mortgage credit constraints and an affordability crisis as many working families are unable to find a home they can afford to buy.  The rate of homeownership remains near fifty-year lows in spite of many new jobs, much lower unemployment and rising wages.

    Finally, some politicians are beginning to understand this and we are optimistic that we are seeing “early” signs may signal that this issue will be a focus of the new Congress in 2019 and in the 2020 election campaign in our meetings with policymakers.  This is important not just because of the isolated negative statistics that hit the headlines – but because it will impact a whole generation if they miss the opportunity to become homeowners.  That, in turn, undermines the fabric of our communities.  So, the time is now.  ASK your local candidates where they stand and what they will do to improve the future of homeownership.  VOTE in the mid-term elections.  AND start demanding attention and answers from your representatives and future candidates as we move ever closer to the 2020 presidential election.

    When it comes to the elections, AHA is seeking policymakers who we can trust to protect and promote sustainable homeownership. In this election that means:

    • Using every available tool to reduce and eliminate superfluous laws and rules that do not add value to homeowners or communities. For example: federal banking regulators are finally reducing the penalties assessed on home builders for new home construction. It was a long-time coming and one that Members of Congress and new appointees pushed through using the regulatory review process.
    • Taking a measured look at the causes of delayed homeownership for families. From fundamental fairness in student loan servicing, to cracking down on institutional buyers who are eating available first time homebuyer supplies,  and reviewing the way credit scores change our lives, our policymakers need to understand how the family balance sheet changes the very nature of economic progress.
    • Protecting the investments made and the equity earned in our homes. Whether through the tax code (mortgage interest deduction), eliminating abuse reverse mortgage practices, or protecting the sanctity of fair and accurate home valuations, our policymakers  must be able to get into the nitty gritty and be willing to take small victories to add up to major asset protection.
    • Listening to experts and taking advice on small, large and in-between ways to increase the supply of affordable homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families. For example, AHA is part of a national convening of industry experts to tackle the issues related to the desperate lack of homes for purchase within an area’s median income’s reach. The proposed solutions are far ranging:  from preservation of homes that are otherwise left to rot in the foreclosure process; to pointing out silly code restrictions that impeded home building.  New solutions are needed at every level of government.

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