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Tax Reform -- or Tax Retribution?

Friday, November 3, 2017  
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November 3, 2017

Tax Reform – or Tax Retribution?

As the rhetoric increases and details emerge – and as the negotiations heat up, the legislative process on tax reform and/or relief has reached a new phase.

It is still in a fluid state, and as with most things of importance, the devil will be in the details.  The lobbyists and special interest groups are ferociously scrambling to carve out special benefits or preserve already existing favorable provisions.

Your AHA supports tax reform/relief as a means to improve the fortunes of current and prospective homeowners – but with specific principles that supersede partisan debate:

  • A lower corporate tax rate should require an emphasis on business expansion, more jobs and higher wages for workers before benefiting stockholders or compensation packages for executives;
  • A reduction of personal income tax, especially for low-to-moderate income Americans will put more money in their pockets to (for example): pay bills; raise a  family; save money for a down payment on a home; college education or retirement;
  • The mortgage interest deduction and the deductibility of state and local taxes currently benefit homeowners – and any changes need to include provisions that are equal to or better for current and prospective homeowners and provide the incentives to homeownership that Americans have supported since 1913.

Your AHA is committed to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America.  We will be following, evaluating and providing input on how new tax legislation will affect homeowners. We will keep up the vigil to protect your interests and will keep you updated as this debate and as the negotiations continue.

Time to Set Clocks Back One Hour

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