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Holiday Greetings from AHA

Wednesday, December 20, 2017  
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December 20, 2017

Holiday Greetings from Your AHA

As 2017 draws to a close, it is a good time to reflect on an unforgettable year.  While the general economic conditions in America seem to be improving, the “waters” surrounding home ownership in America are still very “choppy”.

But we’re ON IT!

We are so energized to begin 2018. Having just come off a very long vigil in 2017 to help secure a favorable Tax Reform Bill for you and future homeowners, we’re prepared to represent you even more boldly in 2018.

But before we start the New Year, please accept our humble gratitude for your commitment to our cause:  to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America.  Homeownership is a key foundation of the American Dream. Many of you have already secured it . . . some are hoping and praying for their opportunity soon.  And it’s safe to say, ALL of you see the tumult and drama bubbling out of Washington every day. But we are very confident that leaning on our Mission Statement and anchored with your values and principles, we will construct a better bridge for homeownership in 2018.

As this Holiday Season is on us, please take time to enjoy your family and friends and the blessings homeownership has afforded you. We are so proud of your success and equally proud to represent you.  

We hope that your holidays are merry and bright and wish you all good health and prosperity in 2018!  Whatever you celebrate this time of year, we hope you enjoy a slower pace for a few days and celebrate the season of lights with those you hold dear.

And one last thing we’d like to share with you -- as we so often remind ourselves at AHA:  Never take those HUGS for granted -- whether family or friends or simply as a gesture of caring and comfort.  HUGS represent a bond of fondness – one to another.  Please accept this HUG as a Holiday Greeting from Your AHA Team.

Protecting Your Home While Away for the Holidays

Heading out for the holidays?  Here are some checklists that will help you leave your home in good order so that you can enjoy your time away without worries!

  • Byrnes, Hristina.  “17 Tips for Protecting Your Home While You’re Away for the Holidays.”  Checklist here.
  • HGTV.  “13 Steps to Prep Your Home for Vacation.”  Checklist here

Still Shopping?

Don’t forget that last minute deals are still available!  Just go to AHA Member Rewards and look for in-store discounts or online late shopping offers.  And don’t forget:  after-holiday and white sales will start soon!


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