About America's Homeowner Alliance

Thank you for your interest in the America’s Homeowner Alliance, the first ever national advocacy and member benefits alliance representing the exclusive interests of homeowners and aspiring homeowners of America.

A national alliance exclusively representing the interests of homeowners is long overdue – in fact, 100 years overdue. It has been an unfilled need for homeowners since as far back as the creation of the mortgage interest deduction in 1913. We’re certain, that had this AHA existed then, it would have been there to ensure the permanence of the mortgage interest and real estate tax deduction and it would have had a material voice on the policy formation and support of scores of other important issues and challenges related to homeownership through this past 100 years.

We find ourselves continuing to slowly emerge from the Great Recession, at the crossroads of opportunity and threat to homeownership in America like never before. For the first time in history, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) needed special support funding from the taxpayer. We have government controlled secondary mortgage market agencies – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – in conservatorship, with taxpayers having sunk over $100 billion into these entities to keep them afloat. We have at or near the lowest mortgage rates in history coupled with over $7 trillion of aggregate home value decline, making homeownership more affordable than ever…and yet homeownership rates continue declining in every category across America.

The onset of the housing crisis in 2007 put in stark terms the need for America’s homeowners to have a collective voice on housing policy and government and business practice in America. After two years of planning and hard work by the founder and Chairman of the America’s Homeowner Alliance – Phil Bracken, the Operating Team of the AHA, and supported by a robust Advisory Board, Consumer Groups, Diverse Segment Real Estate Groups, and other concerned organizations, the America’s Homeowner Alliance will be the pre-eminent voice of America’s 75 million existing homeowners and the millions more aspiring to achieve the American Dream.


Our mission is simple: To Protect and Promote Sustainable Homeownership for ALL Segments of America.

Many current and proposed public and business policies are in conflict with our mission of protecting and promoting sustainable homeownership for all segments of America.

  • The mortgage interest deduction – until only recently considered untouchable by policy makers – is on the table for potential significant reduction or elimination.
  • Interest rates are at historic lows, yet the availability of low downpayment, affordable credit is excessively tight and getting tighter.
  • The outcome of the debate of the government’s role in housing finance will determine the availability of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage – the cornerstone of homeownership in America.
  • Fees associated with obtaining a mortgage loan are ever increasing and credit tightening is making it very difficult for many would-be homeowners to obtain approval.
  • As of 2012, the federal government – through FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – provided access to over 90% of mortgage finance. This trend must be reversed to ensure homeowners have access to private free market sources of capital, balanced by modest government support as needed.
  • Homebuilders in America do not have access to adequate acquisition, development and construction financing, leading to a shortage of housing units in America.
  • Many prepared to purchase a home are finding themselves “boxed-out” by programs that advantage institutional investors over owner occupants. These investors may have less regard for the stability of neighborhoods than do owner occupant Homeowners.

America’s Homeowner Alliance is poised to demand change from politicians and other policymakers to ensure that homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream. AHA has established collaborative relationships with highly influential like-minded industry, consumer, civic and diverse segment organizations for the single purpose of Protecting and Promoting Sustainable Homeownership for all Segments of America.