Why AHA?

Why Form this Alliance and What is the Mission?

There has never been a collective voice of the 75 million existing Homeowners (and future aspiring Homeowners) to help shape public policy in America…. until now. We formed the America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA) with a simple mission: to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America. The Mission and objectives are clarified more deeply below.

There will only be individual members of the Alliance. The first year membership in the AHA is FREE. Members will pay a renewal fee of $20 per year. For that, they will receive three functional benefits:

  • Advocacy – we have formed a small team of experts (and will add as necessary) to analyze legislation, regulation and business practices and then advocate on behalf of all homeowners and future Homeowners in America. The Mission Statement will be the guidepost under which all laws, regulations and business practices will be examined. We will draft policy positions after vetting through our Advisory Board (see below) and with input from our friends in the industry. The 75 million Homeowners of America (along with future Homeowners) will become the most powerful voice on housing and homeownership related issues in America. This will be non-partisan and will cross all ethnic, income, age and geographic sectors of America.
  •  Government and Business Practice Analysis – we intend to become the “ombudsman” for the Homeowners of America to protect them against predatory, abusive, or bad practices in the marketplace. This examination will encompass practices of private entities and government using the Mission Statement as the measurement tool. We will be illuminating bad practices and highlighting certain “good practices” in the marketplace. Consumer education is critical, because informed consumers make better decisions.
  • Member Rewards – We spent nearly 18 months examining, evaluating and testing an extraordinary Member Benefit Reward program that will be available to all members of the Alliance. The program has over 1,800 merchants and provides members of the Alliance the ability to purchase millions of “everyday” products most customarily needed by Homeowners or future Homeowners. Most products deliver a discount and a “Cash Back Reward” to the AHA Member. The roster of merchants includes Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart and hundreds of others delivering real value in multiples of the basic membership fee. Members of the Alliance can begin earning benefits immediately through this one-of-a-kind on-line shopping program. Please note – it is not our goal or our intention to have people spend more money, but it IS our goal to save them money on their essential purchases. If we can save them $100 per year or $1,000 per year, it will help them make their rent payment, utility payment, car payment, mortgage payment or otherwise meet our objective of making homeownership more attainable or sustainable for them.

What is the Mission?

The Mission is very simple: To protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America.


  • Protect – the Harvard Joint Center for Housing estimates that 85% of household formation over the next 20 years will be traditional minorities. The need is immense…..and the opportunity is contracting. Homeownership is under attack from many different areas. Single family Homeowners lost nearly $7 trillion in aggregate value from the peak in 2007. With the $7 trillion value loss, homes have been more affordable than any time in the past 15 years. We have the lowest mortgage rates in history, and yet Homeownership rates are falling in every segment of America. In July, 2015, the homeownership rate in America dipped to its lowest level in 48 years. Credit is too tight; government and business policies are making it very difficult for first time homebuyers to achieve the dream of homeownership; there are severe policy restrictions stifling new construction in America; legislation and regulation currently under consideration could make homeownership even less attainable.   The AHA is becoming the advocate voice to ensure policies meet the test of protecting or promoting sustainable homeownership for all segments of America.  Click here to view AHA Key Issues and Opinion Editorials.
  • Promote – recent research indicates that nearly 90% of every 10 year age (non-retirement) buying sector in America (under age 25 / 25 to 35 / 35 to 45 / 45 to 55 / 55 to 65) expects to buy a home in the future. We must meet this need by promoting the virtues of homeownership instead of foreclosing opportunity in these forward looking segments. Homeowners and aspiring Homeowners need advocacy. America needs homeownership to fulfill the virtues of building communities, providing generational wealth, encouraging educational advancement, sustaining job growth, and delivering on the dream of hope and prosperity. We will promote sustainable Homeownership in all segments of America through our relationships with Credit Counseling Agencies, the Diverse Segment Real Estate Groups, other Consumer Groups, Traditional Real Estate Groups, Homebuilders, Lenders, Minority Groups and Low-to-Moderate Income constituency groups in America.

How do We Make it a Success?

With the support and encouragement of major Consumer Groups; Diverse Segment Real Estate Groups; and many others, we will grow the Alliance over the next number of years. We have developed numerous Marketing Outreach Strategies to reach the Homeowners of America. Some include Real Estate Entities; Title Companies; Affinity Groups; Credit Counseling Groups; Fortune 500 Corporations; Homebuilders; Small Businesses; and of course – Social Media.

With support from these respective groups and their employees and customers at the center of outreach, we expect to attract well over a million members in the first few years and over 10 million members in 10 years.

For Loan Officers, Homebuilders and Real Estate Agents, the prospect is simple. We intend to protect and promote sustainable Homeownership to protect the value of their individual franchise.  We hope Loan Officers, Homebuilders and Real Estate Agents recognize the value of a FREE first year membership in the Alliance as a “housewarming gift” that will reap benefits daily for new or existing homeowners or customers. For Employers – this is a wonderful employee benefit that can be provided to all employees and all customers – FREE for the first year – with renewals most likely paid for by the individuals thereafter. And for Credit Counseling or Homeowner Advisor networks, this is a critical tool in helping consumers save money.

What is the Current Status of the Alliance?

After two years of research, daily planning, building, outreach and refining, the Alliance was launched in early September, 2013. The final pieces of the operations are completed and fully tested. They include:

  • The web site development and the connection to the “search engines”.
  • The Registration System with the capacity to handle approximately 1,000 different referral sources (and referral codes).
  • The link to the Member Benefits / Rewards Program and the more than 1,800 merchants.
  • The Member Customer Service Platform with email capacity for the Members.

We filed the IRS 501c4 Non-Profit Application and received approval in February, 2014. All articles of incorporation, by-laws, and business filings have been completed. We have filled out the leadership team with a seasoned roster of trusted and decorated leaders – including the AHA Chief Administrative Officer, Tino Diaz; Chief Operations Officer, Donna Burge; Managing Director of Membership Outreach, Rod Luckhart; Senior Advisor, Sue Johnson ; Senior Advisor, Bill Pitre, Senior Advisor, Mike Ferrell and Outside Policy Counsel, Kara Ward. We have contracted with a talented social media team, a wonderful customer service team and the entire organization is anxious to continue building this much needed Alliance to represent the existing and future Homeowners in America.

America’s Homeowner Alliance looks forward to your involvement and support!

Thank you,

Phillip W. Bracken
Chairman & Founder
America’s Homeowner Alliance