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Donna Burge

Senior Advisor

Donna Burge was the Executive Vice President – Chief Administrative Officer (retired) at PNC Mortgage,  responsible for implementing performance excellence for the business which includes standards for business unit self assessment, centralized tracking and analysis of results for appropriate escalation and/or continuous improvement. This includes vendor management, the line of business PMO which provides standardized project governance and cross functional project management resources, and identification of core competencies and proficiency assessment processes and certifications.  In addition, the process for the development, implementation and governance of operations policies and procedures is provided by this office. It also has dedicated teams to provide a standardized approach and expertise to administer external exams and audits by regulators and government agencies and to process and analyze escalated customer complaints. The office also develops the strategic plan for the line of business and its management processes.  She acted as the executive sponsor of numerous strategic, cross-functional initiatives. She had enterprise-wide responsibility for the successful coordination and implementation of the numerous new mortgage regulations that became effective in January, 2014.
Responsibilities also included leadership and membership on many line of business and enterprise level committees, including the enterprise level risk management committee, secretary of the mortgage line of business risk management committee, enterprise business continuity, third party services and mortgage asset/liability management.
Donna has been in mortgage banking since 1977, and has held senior management positions with several major mortgage leaders including Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Corp., PNC Mortgage, fka Sears Mortgage Corp., until its sale to Washington Mutual in 2001.  During 2001 – 2008 Donna set up a consulting business and held other positions in mortgage banking.  She returned to PNC in February 2009 and retired in October 2014.
Donna holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois.  She has served as the Chair of the MBA Quality Assurance Committee, as Secretary/Treasurer of the Consumer Mortgage Coalition and as a member of Fannie Mae’s Affordable Housing Council.

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