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Why Join? 

As a homeowner, policy makers have:

  1. Made it nearly impossible for you to take the hard-earned equity out of our home.

  2. Curtailed the ability to build sufficient home supply to meet demand.

  3. Raised real estate taxes without improving core services for homeowners.

  4. Allowed institutional investors to buy big amounts of single-family homes to turn them into rental units.

  5. Made it much more difficult to obtain a new home loan when moving up.

If you aspire to be a homeowner, policy makers have:

  1. Made it much more difficult for first time homebuyers to get a loan approved.

  2. Failed to meet the surging demand for homes by allowing supply to atrophy.

  3. Made it nearly impossible for about 37 million people to get a credit score.

  4. Allowed regulatory and compliance cost for builders and lenders to escalate to a point where it’s boxing people out of homeownership opportunity.

FIGHT AGAINST THESE CHALLENGES, preserve YOUR dream of homeownership by joining AHA NOW, Lifetime Membership is Free by clicking here (no strings attached)   

What Is It? 

America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA) is the first advocacy and member benefits alliance to represent the exclusive and personal interest in Washington DC and across America of each existing and aspiring homeowner in the US. 

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