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What is America's Homeowner Alliance, and why should I join?


America's Homeowner Alliance

America’s Homeowner Alliance is here to give a unified voice to perhaps the most diverse underrepresented group among us today – America’s current and future homeowners. America’s Homeowner Alliance is poised to demand change from politicians and other policymakers to ensure that homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream. AHA has established collaborative relationships with highly influential like-minded industry, consumer, civic and diverse segment organizations for the single purpose of Protecting and Promoting Sustainable Homeownership for all Segments of America.

The housing inventory shortage continues to make housing unaffordable!
Sign this petition and add your voice to help fix this problem.

Fix the

  • The 15 year period from 2007 to 2021 the Fed lowered mortgage rates from 6.5% to 2.5%

  • Nearly every homeowner in America refinanced their mortgage to a rate below 3%

  • From 2022 to 2024 the Fed raised interest rates eleven times

Petition for Federal Reserve Stimulus

Purpose: Address the shortage of single-family housing available for sale to Owner-Occupants.

Target Audience: Current members and potential members of the America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA).

Call to Action:

  • Support the proposed solution by adding your name to the petition.

  • Join AHA for free at to amplify your voice.

Problem Statement

Housing Shortage:

  • Current supply of single-family homes for sale is below 1 million.

  • Affordability is at its lowest point in thirty years. * Read more

  • Historical average (1985-2020) was around 2.5 million units.

  • Crisis: Without intervention, the housing inventory will continue to decline.

  • Real Estate Market Imbalance: More real estate agents than homes available for sale.

Federal Reserve Policy Impact

Quantitative Easing (2010-2022):

  • FED purchased most mortgages, driving interest rates to historic lows (~2.5%).

  • Stimulated demand for homeownership and refinancing.

Quantitative Squeezing (2022-2023):

  • FED raised interest rates eleven times, pushing mortgage rates above 7%.

  • Created a "crisis of constriction" in homeownership opportunities.

Proposed Solution

Stimulus Plan:

  • FED to create a “Specified Pool of Mortgage Money” to entice existing homeowners to sell.

  • Match the interest rate of existing homeowners for their next home purchase.

  • Cap the sale price of qualifying homes at $500,000 to ensure affordability for first-time buyers.

Potential Impact:

Approximately 12 million first lien mortgages in the US, with 65% under 4%.

  • Potential to mobilize up to 8 million homeowners.

  • Even 1 million new listings could mean a $400 billion pool of mortgage money.

  • Stimulate economic growth, reduce rental stress, and empower generational wealth.

  • Reduce the influence of institutional investors in the single-family home market.

Call to Action

Sign this Petition:

  • Encourage the Federal Reserve to implement this stimulus plan to boost homeownership.

  • Aim for increased homeownership, economic growth, and generational wealth creation.

Housing affordability reaches lowest point in more than three decades


The loss of affordability over the past year was driven by 5.9% growth in nominal home prices and 0.6% growth in the 30-year fixed mortgage rate


AHA and NAHREP renew Strategic Alliance

America’s Homeowner Alliance (AHA) and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) announced the renewal of their Strategic Alliance Agreement originally established in 2022. The alliance provides a free lifetime membership in AHA for any member of NAHREP and their clients.  NAHREP is the fastest growing real estate related trade association in America. By the end of 2024 it will have established over 100 Local Chapters across America with Membership in excess of 50,000.


Both organizations have a passion to deliver sustainable homeownership opportunity for all segments of America. The Hispanic segment is the fastest growing segment of the US Population.


Over the past 10 years, the AHA has been at the center of major policy decisions positively impacting homeowners and prospective homeowners. Read below for a sample of their public policy “wins”.


Key Issues 

These are the matters impacting affordable home ownership today


The Living Wage a Single Person Needs in All 50 States

Whether you’ve shopped for groceries, gas or even a car in the past year, you know that prices have risen significantly since 2022. The Consumer Price Index report from July 2023 showed that prices on the “all items index” have increased 3.2% in the past 12 months.

Existing home sales fall near January low as rates surge
The Real Economy Blog

It has been clear that the housing market is on a declining path after a strong but short rebound in the first six months, again largely because of increasing mortgage rates.

The impact of mortgage rates on supply as the lock-in effect intensified was clear as the median prices rose for the first time in six months, up 1.9% from a year ago.



Consumers may soon get up to $14,000 or more in rebates for making energy-efficient home upgrades — if states sign on

Consumers may soon be able to access $14,000 or more of federal rebates for making energy-efficient upgrades to their home.

But just how soon will vary by state — and some may opt not to make the funds available at all.

Join America's Homeowner Alliance

Your Lifetime Membership is FREE. 

By joining you're making homeownership more attainable and affordable!

The Value of an AHA Membership:

A Voice in Washington • Information You Need • Strength Through Diversity

AHA Resources

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Why Join America's Homeowner Alliance?

AHA aims to provide its members benefits to help reach your goals and to make homeownership more affordable and accessible.

When you join the AHA and the Rakuten member rewards program and make everyday purchases at our network of over 2,500 merchants, you immediately earn CASH BACK rewards. In addition, you can obtain exciting discounts on products from hundreds of merchants every day.

Information & Assistance for Homeowners

Coronavirus COVID-19 guidance for mortgage forbearance, loan deferment, and mortgage relief programs are being defined and updated on an almost daily basis right now. The information on this site is curated from Government and other lending authority sources to guide families to the most accurate and up to date information available. Click on your servicer for more information.

Alliances & Partnerships

To further its mission to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America,  AHA formed alliances and partnerships with America’s leading consumer groups, diverse segment groups and other organizations with similar goals. After all, making progress in this important mission cannot be accomplished alone, and the stakes are high.

America’s Homeowner Alliance is here to give a unified voice to perhaps the most diverse underrepresented group among us today – America’s current and future homeowners.

Take Action


Contact your local representative today. The key issues outlined here represent the most pressing issues affecting homeownership today. Without action, homeownership may be out of reach for millions of aspiring homeowners.

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