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  Here's How to Fix the Single Family Housing Inventory Crisis


America's Homeowner Alliance

America’s Homeowner Alliance is here to give a unified voice to perhaps the most diverse underrepresented group among us today – America’s current and future homeowners. America’s Homeowner Alliance is poised to demand change from politicians and other policymakers to ensure that homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream. AHA has established collaborative relationships with highly influential like-minded industry, consumer, civic and diverse segment organizations for the single purpose of Protecting and Promoting Sustainable Homeownership for all Segments of America.

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AHA aims to provide its members benefits to help reach your goals and to make homeownership more affordable and accessible.

When you join the AHA and the Rakuten member rewards program and make everyday purchases at our network of over 2,500 merchants, you immediately earn CASH BACK rewards. In addition, you can obtain exciting discounts on products from hundreds of merchants every day.

Information & Assistance for Homeowners

Coronavirus COVID-19 guidance for mortgage forbearance, loan deferment, and mortgage relief programs are being defined and updated on an almost daily basis right now. The information on this site is curated from Government and other lending authority sources to guide families to the most accurate and up to date information available. Click on your servicer for more information.

Alliances & Partnerships

To further its mission to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America,  AHA formed alliances and partnerships with America’s leading consumer groups, diverse segment groups and other organizations with similar goals. After all, making progress in this important mission cannot be accomplished alone, and the stakes are high.

America’s Homeowner Alliance is here to give a unified voice to perhaps the most diverse underrepresented group among us today – America’s current and future homeowners.

Key Issues

These are the most pressing issues affecting housing policy


The Mortgage Credit Crisis


The Mortgage Bankers Association just reported that “credit availability reached its lowest level since 2014”. It’s going in the wrong direction, but it’s going to get a LOT WORSE because of new government policy soon to be implemented.

Government Housing Policy Failure


There have been so many recent examples of government failure on housing policy in America. Historically, the private sector figures out a way to deal with these failures with an “onward and upward” attitude. But it’s getting harder. We’ll give you some examples.


The Housing Inventory Crisis


It’s a full-blown crisis. It’s been growing into a crisis since 2010 but policy makers seem to have had their eyes closed about it for more than 10 years. This might open their eyes….this crisis won’t get fixed without intervention!

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The Road Home Blog

Timely topics affecting homeownership today

Business Meeting

Take Action


Contact your local representative today. The key issues outlined here represent the most pressing issues affecting homeownership today. Without action, homeownership may be out of reach for millions of aspiring homeowners.

Industry News

Signing a Contract


March 1, 2021​

NAHB recently released its 2021 priced out estimates.  The new estimates show that 75.1 million households (roughly 60 percent of all U.S. households) are not able to afford a median priced new home in 2021, in that their incomes are insufficient to qualify for a mortgage under standard underwriting criteria.

Rate-Conscious Homeowners Are Repeatedly Refinancing Their Mortgages. Is Another Refi Right for You?


May 17, 2021​1

Carlos Barros was elated when he refinanced his mortgage back in May 2020, locking in a 3.125% rate and reducing his monthly payments by about $220. Unfortunately, the feeling didn’t last long.

Mortgage forbearance numbers officially half of 2020’s peak


May 17, 2021​

Just 2.1 million homeowners remain in some form of mortgage postponement