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  • Phillip Bracken

Celebrating - Flag Day, June 14, 2021

The American Flag represents the best of our country and the crusade to sustain the liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness that we enjoy more than any other nation.

Homeownership represents a personal crystallization of our liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.

We’re humbled and proud that America continues to demonstrate the conviction to never take the liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness for granted. Much the same – your management team at America’s Homeowner Alliance continues to sustain our crusade to make Homeownership availability the pinnacle of opportunity derived from this hard earned American conviction.

The Flag is a statement to the citizens in America and to the world. When it waves it visually reflects the symbol of changing cycles in America. The vivid colors reflect the bold courage to sustain our privileges and values through any of those changing cycles.

We named our organization the America’s Homeowner Alliance and used the backdrop of the American FLAG to make a purposeful connection between the two - Homeownership and the American Flag.

We wanted to take this time to reflect on the Flag of the United States and the purpose of us using it in our logo and trademark. The opportunity for qualified consumers to own a piece of America through Homeownership is what drives us. But the backdrop of the Flag reminds us – Homeownership goes hand in hand with sustaining liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.


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