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Welcome to a New Year!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The good news is – we get to move past the struggles and strife that 2020 will be remembered for bringing to all of us. We’re hopeful 2021 will bring us relief from the pandemic and a renewed sense of optimism for much brighter and rewarding years ahead.

As you know, America’s Homeowner Alliance represents current and aspiring homeowners. We represent you because you are the foundation of America. You represent the majority of the workforce, you pay the majority of the taxes, and you are a driving force in U.S. economy.

Growing Concerns About Homeownership Opportunities in 2021

For our homeowner Members - it’s most likely your home values have increased materially through 2020. But not all is “sunny” as we enter 2021. There are some growing concerns that we must help address. For instance, there is a lack of single family homes available for purchase by the aspiring homeowner in America. We’re pretty certain that any wealthy aspiring homeowners will be fine, but the lack of available and affordable single family homes for sale (inventory) has created a crisis of opportunity for millions of Americans.

Home Construction Way Behind New Household Formation

The National Association of Homebuilders has reported that construction of new homes is about seven million units behind the new household formation of the past ten years. That limited supply matched off against the lowest mortgage interest rates in history has stimulated overwhelming demand and brings a formula for rising prices and a decline in affordability for most aspiring homeowners. We usually don’t make economic predictions, but if you’re not planning on selling your home, these economic forces –extraordinary demand and limited supply – usually result in what you likely experienced in 2020 – a

cheerful appreciation in the value of your home. But for the aspiring homeowner, the housing supply shortage MUST be corrected. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t look likely to get fixed without intervention. The number of single family homes available

for sale has been declining for about ten consecutive years. The Trump Administration did little to addressthe situation in its 4 years of leadership. The Obama Administration before that, did little as well, and we can’t find where the Biden Administration is including it in its priorities either.

The Current Foreclosure Crisis

From 2006 to 2013 America endured a FORECLOSURE CRISIS. We’re experiencing another one right now, only this one isn’t like the last one – this one is a FORECLOSURE OF OPPORTUNITY, and we need to take take action to prevent this from happening. This supply/demand imbalance won’t fix itself. We’re doing everything we can to get the new Administration to prioritize this issue. There are millions of potential new homeowners eager to buy – but sparse inventory to purchase. Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we will outline the current "foreclosure crisis" and share our creative ideas for ways the Biden Administration and Policy Makers can help correct the situation.

Please visit our updated website at –– or type on your browser to join. A FREE Membership in AHA awaits you, along with all the benefits of becoming an active participant in preserving the opportunity for homeownership in America. Between now and the next Road Home newsletter – enjoy the lowest mortgage rates in history – rising home values – a hopeful transition from pandemic to prosperity – and most of all – a Happy New Year!

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